ugh I just tried three times to articulate why i really dislike macklemore

i mean 

  • cultural appropriation of hip hop (you’re a privileged white guy from an affluent neighborhood) (i mean c’mon macklemore i went to school there i see you!) (you’re not even from the vaguely creepy part of cap hill!) 
  • cisgender hetero white dude rapping about marriage equality i mean gr8 4 u that you support equal rights but i have a bone to pick with you 

but also he’s a terrible rapper i mean have you guys even heard thrift shop??? i mean i guess i vaguely like “can’t hold us” but lbr the only things mackelmore songs have going for them are great melodies. he is a terrible rapper. 


or whatever

  1. batraquomancy ha dicho: Thank you. Bless you.
  2. pimz ha dicho: what makes him a terrible rapper? you points don’t seem very valid.
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