what makes him a terrible rapper? you points don’t seem very valid.


Here are two articles about cultural appropriation that mainly have to do with Kreayshawn but can easily be applied to Macklemore as he is white and in hip hop: 

I also think that it is bogus that he is pretty much the first rapper out of Seattle since Sir Mix a Lot (and let’s be real I think most white people took him as a joke) to make it big. I think the Blue Scholars are at least 10x more creative and socially relevant than Mack and I’m genuinely confused as to why they haven’t gotten the national acclaim that Mack has.

Oh wait they haven’t penned anything as insipid as Thrift Shop. OH WAIT AGAIN - they did, and everyone hated it. OH WAIT FOR A THIRD TIME - Mack is white! Sorry but “white privlege" as a rap song just seems like a weirdly hypocritical apology?

Yes I know that I am white so I can’t speak to what is/isn’t cultural appropriation especially in regards to black culture, so please advise if I have said something problematic.

And at some point I will sit down and make a list of (imo) the strongest rappers that I can think of. I think we all know that Trina, Eve, and Da Brat are all gonna make it on that list….just fyi. (Even Nicki Minaj! Listen to her mix tapes they blow all her watered down pop out of the water.)

And final note….”your points don’t seem very valid” LOLOLOL.

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